Lateness Policy

Lateness Policy & Procedure 

An effective tardy policy is essential to establishing and sustaining an orderly learning environment.

Late to Class

Students are expected to be in class and ready to begin work when the class late bell sounds.

Closed/Lock-out Door Policy 

Effective Monday September 18th, 2023 the classroom doors are closed when the bell rings. The closed door policy is designed to accomplish the following:

    • Establish and enforce clear, consistent expectations for students.
    • Minimize classroom interruptions for students who have shown up on time and prepared for class.
    • Keeping teachers from having to choose whether or not to spend instruction time reprimanding students who are late. 


  1. Once the final late bell has sounded, teachers are instructed to close and lock their classroom doors and begin teaching.
  2. All late students will wait for their teacher to open the door, sign the LATE log and take a seat to work on a Do Now activity. 
The LATE log should include the following information: 
      • Name of Student 
      • Date 
      • Time of Arrival 
      • Reason for lateness
      • Outcome by Teacher 


Discipline Cycle for Lateness 

Progressive discipline is a proven method for managing tardiness. Listed below is the progressive discipline cycle for lateness to both school and class: 

    • 1st tardy: Warning 
    • 2nd tardy: Call Parent/Guardian 
    • 3rd tardy: Administrative Detention (No detention without parental contact) 
    • 4th tardy: Refer to your Assistant Principal for a disciplinary meeting via email
*Every 3 latenesses will result in a detention and a possible deduction of 1 (one) point off your final grade and/or loss of privileges (i.e. school trips, sports/after-school activities, etc.).

The goal is to ensure that students know that it is not okay to be late and that poor decisions have consequences.

Student Absences

If the student is absent for 2 or more days, call home and record it in ClassHub (GAM).