Farm To Clara Barton

Join our amazing fundraiser with Farm to People at 


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woman smiling at all of the farm fresh produce she took out of the box that was shipped directly to her from a farm

We’ve partnered with Farm To People to fundraise for Clara Barton High School!


Here’s how it works:

Every time you shop on Farm To People’s website from now until 3/15/24, 5% goes back to us. Make that a subscription to one of their weekly, bi-weekly or monthly farm boxes and that number becomes 10%.



Q: How do I join? 

A: To join our fundraiser, simply create an account on Farm to People, add whatever you want to your basket, and enter code: FARMTOCLARABARTON upon checkout


Q: Do I need to enter the code every time I shop? 

A: Nope! Once you've used the code during the fundraising time period, you're all set. Farm to People will automatically give back 5% or 10% accordingly on all subsequent orders until the end of the period. Plus we'll give you $5 off the first time you use the code!


Q: Do I have to subscribe? 

A: No, but for every 10 customers that subscribe to any item during the fundraiser, Farm to People will add a $250 bonus to our fundraising check. However, you can always shop any of the items à la carte, no subscription required.


Q: Who can join the fundraiser? 

A: Anybody who wants to support the fundraiser can join — parents, friends, and neighbors. Just spread the word and don't forget to share our code! 

 Far to people box with delicious farm fresh produce surrounding it

Why Farm To People?

  • Farm To People is a mission driven company working year-round with small farms and makers to craft the ultimate selection of unique, delicious, and nutrient-dense food.
  • They pay their farmers and makers fairly: For every dollar sold on Farm To People, 50 cents go back to the farmer, while the national average remains below 15 cents.
  • Farm To People also gives back to its local community: They donate approximately 1000 pounds of food monthly to multiple food rescue organizations.
  • Their deliveries are all carbon neutral and all goods are stored in recycled and recyclable materials.
  • Thrillist said it best: "The name summarizes the mission: Farm to People guarantees fresh and ethically sourced foods in a manner that more corporate delivery services simply can’t compete with.


We're excited to partner with Farm to People to bring farm fresh produce to your home while fundraising for our school community. Just click: and use promo code: FARMTOCLARABARTON