Vision and Mission Statements


Dr. Richard A. Forman Principal

901 Classon Avenue

Brooklyn, New York 11225

Phone: 718-636-4900 Ext: 2031/2032

Fax: 718-857-3688

Email: [email protected]


Vision Statement


We envision a school in which our constituent partners nurture and respect the essential contribution and intrinsic value of others in order to provide a rigorous, equitable, digitally accessible 21st century education that will prepare every student for college and career.

We endeavor to mold competitive global citizens by strengthening their literacy, numeracy, technological, decision making abilities, public health awareness, academics, health careers, fine arts, STEM, mindfulness and extracurricular activities.


Mission Statement


To achieve our vision, we will engage staff, students, parents and external partners with active ongoing digital communication and provide engaging instructional, extra-curricular and professional development live and remotely. All constituent partners will continually refine and model the ideals of respect, tolerance, equity and access.