The Clara Barton High School Parent and Teacher Association meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 pm via Zoom. Parents and Guardians are encouraged to attend and be a voice in our school. Some dates may be rescheduled due to conflicts. Please see the SLT/PTA Calendar for exact days.

PTA, PAC and SLT responsibilities



The President is the chief executive officer of your PTA. Since PTAs are autonomous bodies, the precise duties of the president are defined by your PTA’s bylaws. The DOE’s bylaws template includes suggested roles and responsibilities of a PTA president. PTA Bylaws template states that the president presides at all PTA meetings and meets with executive board members to plan agendas for general membership meetings. According to the template, the president, is one of the signatories on checks, and is responsible for encouraging parental involvement. The president is also a mandatory member of the SLT, and is responsible for disseminating information discussed at SLT meetings to the members of the PTA. The president is one of the selectors of the parent members of its corresponding CEC or Citywide Education Council.



Chancellor’s Regulations CR A-660 does not mandate the office of vice-president; however, many PTA’s choose to include that role on their executive boards. Vice-presidents generally assist the president or co-presidents and assume their duties in their absences. In some schools, vice-presidents chair ad-hoc committees and run meetings. The vice-president’s roles and responsibilities should be defined in your PTA’s bylaws.



The recording secretary is the third mandatory officer on the executive board. As with all PTA officers, the precise roles and responsibilities should be defined by your PTA’s bylaws. Generally though, the recording secretary is responsible for all non-financial PTA records and communications with the PTA membership. While the recording secretary’s responsibilities are defined by your bylaws, the roles generally include preparing minutes of each PTA meeting, and reading and distributing copies of the minutes at the next PTA meeting. The Secretary prepares notices, agendas, sign-in sheets and materials for distribution and maintains custody of the PTA’s records on school premises.



The treasurer’s precise roles and responsibilities should be defined in your PTA’s bylaws, but treasurers’ responsibilities include: spearheading the development of the PTA budget, keeping a record of all income received by the PTA.  Treasurers need to be present at the school frequently enough to collect fundraising receipts, write checks disbursing funds to support PTA programs and document those activities.


The Chair-person leads the PAC executive team, setting the tone for collaborative and enthusiastic work with parents, administration, the parent coordinator and teachers. The ideal candidate is eager to learn the ins and outs of life at the school and in the broader community and loves to connect people and ideas. As Chair, this individual is great at listening and making space for all ideas, but also willing to be a decisive voice when needed.
  • Chair monthly PAC meetings and all Executive meetings and speak on behalf of the Council.
  • Consult with Council members and ensure that an agenda is prepared.
  • Ensure that Council activities are aimed at achieving the purposes set out in the constitution.
  • Be a signing officer.
  • Submit an annual report at year end as requested by the executive. 
  • Speak on behalf of the PAC as needed.
  • Ensure that members are notified of meetings.
  • Record and file minutes of all meetings.
  • Keep an accurate copy of the constitution and bylaws, and make copies available to members upon request.
  • File any amendments to the constitution and/or bylaws with the Registrar of the Society Act for approval.
  • Prepare and maintain other documentation as requested by the membership or executive.
  • Ensure safekeeping of all records of the Council.
  • May be a signing officer.
  • Circulating copies of minutes, agenda and sign in sheet at PAC meetings.
  • The Treasurer is responsible for the financial accounts of the organization.
  • Signing authority.
  • Preparation of up-to-date financial reports for PAC meetings.
  • With the assistance of the executive, drafting the annual budget and tentative plan of expenditures.
  • With the assistance of the executive, preparing all financial documentation required.
  • Working with staff and administration to allocate funds for school-based expenses as directed by the PAC.
What is a School Leadership Team?
The School Leadership Team (SLT) is a group of people who develop educational policies for their school. They also make sure there are resources to support those policies.  Meetings are held once per month.
  • Provide ongoing evaluations of a school’s educational programs and their impact on student achievement.
  • Play an important role in school-based decision-making
  • Help to make school cultures more collaborative.
Who are the SLT members?
  • There are three members of the school community who must be members of the SLT: Principal, Parent-Teacher Association President, and United Federation of Teachers Chapter Leader.
  • The other members are elected parents and staff members. The SLT must have an equal number of parents and staff. Board members must be present at every SLT meeting, which is held monthly.