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Overview of Parent Resources*

Schools across the state have been taking initiatives to improve teacher performance.  These methods are necessary to pull new teacher skill levels up to the most effective levels. Several districts are taking advantage of resources that allow coaching for new teachers from “veterans” in the educational system. Others are employing teamwork methods to allow teachers to learn from each other.  The promising methods are detailed by the Chicago Tribune.

To achieve sustainable change in the quality of education for the children of our community there must be a renewed commitment and increased consistent engagement of three critical stakeholders: Students, Parent/Family Members and Schools. To reinforce this commitment, the Chicago Urban League recommends establishing an “Educational Partnership Agreement” which aligns the responsibilities and expectations of each stakeholder.  

Parent involvement matters: Building parent involvement is the single most important thing that parent groups do. Often, it's the most difficult, too. And that's too bad because there are many compelling reasons why parents—all parents—should get involved in their children's education. If you're having trouble building involvement, the problem might be that you're not making the right argument. You simply need better ammunition.

A common way to think about getting people involved is to counter their objections. People say they don't have time, so you make it clear you only need them for an hour or two. People don't feel comfortable at school, so you work to make it more welcoming. Schedules won't allow busy people to come to the school, so you find ways they can contribute from home.

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